Monday, October 29, 2012

...a terrible story :(

After I lost/left my old job last summer, I went on COBRA for health insurance, which costs me a burdensome $200 a month. When my COBRA stuff expires later this year, it’ll go to a blistering $600 a month, at which point I’ll have to drop it and get something else.  Or maybe circumstances have changed now that THIS HAPPENED .  (Did you think it would? I didn’t.)  Here’s a rundown of changes that go into effect immediately .

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Monday, October 22, 2012

What's a HMO dental insurance plan?

HMO dental protection means Health Maintenance Organization dental insurance. This type of dental insurance needs some type of prepayment from you. As a swap, dental care is got by you from the community of dental care services. If you wish to make use of a dentist away from authorized community, you should pay your whole dentist's bill. This kind of insurance can also be referred to as capitation dental insurance program.

With HMO dental protection, dentists in a community need certainly to provide dental treatment to people of the dental insurance policy they're section of. Number individual could be turned away. Dentists that are area of the community are paid monthly by the dental insurance company. Often, this cost is just a fixed monthly amount per person.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Health Insurance for Small Businesses

What exactly is Group Medical Insurance?

Group health insurance is company-sponsored health coverage for business people, workers and frequently for dependents.

A lot of Americans have group coverage of health through their very own or perhaps a family member's company-sponsored group strategy. Workers and employers can share costs and you will find unique tax incentives offered to group health insurance that is provided by businesses.

So how exactly does it work?

As an employer, a group health insurance plan is selected by you and then invite your workers to register.

An average of, employers cover at the very least 50% of each worker's monthly premium, and may also subscribe to dependent premiums. The rest is taken care of by the worker.

Could it be right for my company?

If you need to supply health insurance benefits and you have the ability to contribute toward employee premiums, group health insurance may be the approach to take.

Offering group health insurance will help you keep and hire the very best workers, and the sum you pay toward employee premiums may be tax - deductible. Group coverage also protects workers or members of the family who may otherwise go uninsured, since no one could be rejected centered on medical history.

How do you begin?

First, inform us about your workers and business. Then we'll explain to you medical health insurance quotes from the number of leading businesses in your region.

Compare plan rates and benefits to obtain the very best match for your needs and speak with one of our accredited insurance agents for private aid.